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What are your expected sources of income in retirement? Where are all your retirement and other investable assets allocated? Are your assets too conservatively or aggressively positioned for your plan?

Retirement Planning

Income strategies can be complicated. Will your income and assets last as long as you?
What are your expected sources of income in retirement? Where are all your retirement and other investable assets allocated? Are you too conservatively or aggressively postured for your risk tolerance?

Tax Planning

Are you looking for a retirement plan strategy that works to help take care of the key members of your business, while also providing something to your employees? Do you have a large capital gain exposure on a highly appreciated asset? Do municipal bonds or corporate bonds make sense for your portfolio? We work closely with our clients’ tax professionals to help create a coordinated plan to ensure a tax smart investment strategy so our clients  may keep more of what they earn.

Education/College Funding

What is your strategy for funding a loved one’s current or future education needs? We can help answer your questions about whether using a 529 Plan, Cash Value Life Insurance or other strategy you may have been exposed to makes sense for your situation.

Insurance and Risk Management

What is your strategy to fund a potential long term care event in your family? Proper life and disability insurance strategies will help mitigate potential obstacles on a family’s path to retirement. 
Others may require help to solve liquidity issues when trying to efficiently pass on their real estate, business or otherwise illiquid assets in accordance with their estate plan.

Estate Planning

Laws governing the taxation of estates change regularly. Are your Trust documents up to date with current changes in the law? Have your family dynamics changed since the last time your Will or Living Trust was updated? We coordinate with many skilled and experienced Business, Estate Planning and Tax Professionals on ensuring an estate passes as smoothly as possible.

Debt Reduction & Management

The burden of student loans, credit cards or other debt can take one’s focus off of saving for retirement.

Do you need someone to help with understanding your household budget? Should saving for retirement outweigh climbing out of debt? 

* Asset allocation does not assure or guarantee better performance/profit and cannot eliminate the risk of investment losses in declining markets.

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